The Impact of Global Learning

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For children...

Global Learning enables children of all ages to connect with big ideas such as social justice, conflict resolution and sustainable development whilst developing the important key skills of enquiry, problem solving and collaboration. Global Learning provides a relevant and motivating context for children to learn more deeply, to become inspired and to take action on issues which affect them.

For teachers....

The key concepts involved in global learning provide teachers with an engaging context for developing literacy, numeracy and higher order thinking skills. Teachers are rewarded with renewed motivation and improved results. Subjects are connected across the curriculum and learning extends to the wider community.

For schools...

At its best global learning is a whole school approach, involving deep learning about events in other times, localities and cultural contexts. It is thoroughly researched and debriefed, properly contextualised and supported across the whole school campus, curriculum and community. Schools which have good global learning at their heart demonstrate that they uphold the values of consideration, respect and responsibility. They often experience raised standards and achievement as well as improved motavion and behaviour.

For the wider society...

Children who have the opportunity to become global learners are able to develop the knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes needed to make a postive contribution to our local and global society. 

What has been the impact of Global Learning in schools?

5 practitioners tell us how global learning has made a difference in the schools / settings in which they work.

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